Culinary Arts

Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts.

Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts focuses on culinary skills, highly practical training and theoretical knowledge in all areas of food production. It equips students with real gastronomic skills and knowledge about food preparation, safety and the presentation required for entry into the hospitality industry. Students will acquire important skills in culinary craft, organization and management including stock ordering, scheduling, costing of goods and dealing with suppliers.

Why CCHM for Culinary Arts?

We offer hands-on practical classes and on-the-job training.

We focus on building our student’s culinary skills in all aspects including but not limited to Patisseries, Butchery, Creative Cooking, Food Styling, Molecular Gastronomique and the Art of Garde Manger.

Our course is highly industry driven.

Subjects for DCA

S.N. Subject
1 Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Management
2 Food Production Theory
3 Food and Beverage Service Skills
4 Hospitality English
5 Food Production Practical

Our Core Values

Pastry Chef

Executive Chef

Food Critics

Research & Development Chef

Food & Beverage Manager

Hospitality Business Owner

Internship & Placement

Internship is the platform for student to examine their skill learned at study and plays a vital role to find pathway to job. That’s why College of Culinary and Hospitality Management-CCHM provides national and international Internship as well as placement facility during and after the course completion to the deserving candidate with the help of experienced founder member in internship and placement.

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